What was Bob Dylan like growing up? His boyhood pal wrote a book about it

This is Louie Kemp's first time opening up about his friendship with Dylan.
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A close friend of Bob Dylan who's been avoiding interviews for years is finally giving the world a rare glimpse of the songwriter's childhood.

"Dylan & Me: 50 Years of Adventures" is the autobiography of Louie Kemp, who not only grew up with Dylan in Minnesota, but kept close with him throughout the singer's career.

At one point, the two lived together in Los Angeles, during which time Kemp claims to have gotten Dylan back into the Jewish faith and end his flirtation with Christianity, according to an interview with Moment magazine. 

Though they lived in different parts of Minnesota as boys, the two managed to meet at summer camp in 1953, Rolling Stone notes.

“This book shows you Dylan’s down-to-earth side,” Kemp tells the magazine, adding:

To me, he has always been Bobby Zimmerman and these are all Bobby Zimmerman stories. Bob Dylan is his commercial side. I wanted to show a totally different perspective on him than anyone has ever heard before.

The book, which also includes never-before-seen photos, is scheduled to hit the shelves on August 15, 2019. 

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