What's open and closed in Minnesota on Columbus/Indigenous Peoples' Day

It's a federal holiday, but not a state one in Minnesota.
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Monday is Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous People's Day in a growing number of communities in Minnesota.

Over the past few years, cities around the country have changed the name of the federal holiday to acknowledge that Christopher Columbus didn't "discover" America, since indigenous people were already living here when he arrived in 1492.

Cities that now recognize it as Indigenous People's Day include the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Mankato, while Red Wing celebrates Chief Red Wing Day.

As it's a federal holiday, some services will be affected on Columbus/Indigenous People's Day, here's a look at what will be open and closed.

Mail services

USPS post offices are closed and no mail will be delivered on Monday.

However, other postal services such as UPS and Fedex don't observe Columbus/Indigenous People's Day as a holiday, so they will still be running.

Federal services

All federal offices in Minnesota are closed, as is the Minnesota District Court.

State and city services

While it's a federal holiday, it's not technically a state holiday in Minnesota, so you may find that some state and local government services are operating.

The City of Minneapolis is among the local governments observing the holiday, with city government offices closed on Thursday. St. Paul Public Libraries are also closed for a staff development day.

At the state level, Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services offices will be closed on Monday.

But the likes of Ramsey County and Hennepin County do not include Columbus/Indigenous People's Day on its holiday list, so their service centers should be open.

Garbage collection

The City of Minneapolis says garbage collection will not be affected on Monday if that's your pickup day, and most other cities will likely follow suit, with Edina and St. Louis Park among those collecting as normal.


There will be no charges for on-street parking in either Minneapolis or St. Paul on Monday.

There may be charges in effect for meters operated by the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board along the city parkways, as well as University of Minnesota parking meters.

Retail stores and malls

These should be open as usual, in fact any retailers are holding holiday sales, which you can find here.

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