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What's open and what's closed on Indigenous People's Day/Columbus Day

It's a federal holiday, but not a state holiday.
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Monday, Oct. 12, is a federal holiday, which could affect what's open.

The day is federally known as Columbus Day, but a growing number of cities in the past 50 years have changed it to Indigenous People's Day to acknowledge that Christopher Columbus didn't actually discover America and there were people living here already. 

Some Minnesota cities now recognize the day as Indigenous People's Day, including Minneapolis, St. Paul and Mankato. 

As it is with many federal holidays, some services will be affected. Below is a list of places that are open and closed, but check with a specific business before visiting to make sure they're open –  especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has kept some places closed or with limited hours. 

Here's what you can expect to be open and here is what is closed today:


The United States Postal Service offices are closed Monday, so mail won't be delivered. 

However, FedEx and UPS are still open, so if you're sending or receiving a package through them, they'll still be up and running. 

Federal services

Since Columbus Day is a federal holiday, all federal offices in Minnesota are closed.

Local offices

Columbus/Indigenous People's Day is not a state holiday, so many state, county and city offices will be open on Monday. That being said, some services, may not be available – including some Early Voting Centers.

The Minnesota Legislature will also convene for its fifth special session on Monday. 


Garbage collection services scheduled for Monday pickup will happen Monday, at least for the majority of service providers across the state.


Most public schools are holding classes Monday, whether it's in-person or online. However, most will be closed later this week for MEA – check with your local district to confirm when classes will be held this week. 


Most banks are closed for the federal holiday, but ATMs are open.

The Stock Market is open and trading on Monday. 


Most grocery stores, gas stations, Targets, Walmarts, malls, restaurants,, drug stores, etc. will be open Monday.

Things to do

If you're looking to get out of the house and enjoy the weather, Minnesota's State Parks, the Minnesota Zoo and Como Zoo will be open. However, some museums may be closed.

Also, something to keep in mind: places like zoos and museums have been requiring advanced tickets due to capacity restrictions due to the pandemic, so it's best to check that before you go. 

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