While motorist was distracted by their pet, their car rolled into a river

The car has been lost, despite the efforts of search teams.
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Red River Moorhead

A motorist in Moorhead is out one car after it rolled into a river as they were being distracted by their pet.

The mishap took place near the Red River North Dam at the 700 block of 15th Avenue North on Thursday evening, where police were called to a report of a submerged car.

As it turns out, the driver had been distracted by their pet shortly before arriving at the river.

They pulled up and exited the vehicle with their pet, unfortunately forgetting to put it in park as they tended to their animal.

The car then rolled into the Red River, with police arriving to observe it floating in the river for several minutes before it submerged.

They've since been unable to locate the car. Fortunately, neither human nor animal were injured in the incident.

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