Why an old 'Greatest Singers' list got people mad about Bob Dylan

The Rolling Stone list from 2008 is trending after being re-shared on Twitter.
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If you're a Twitter user and your heart sank when you saw "Bob Dylan" trending Monday morning, don't worry, he's safe and well.

The reason why the 78-year-old Minnesota native is occasioning so much comment without having released a new album, or gone on tour, or launched a new whiskey, is because of the following tweet:

The account, Classic Rock in Pics, re-shared the results from a 2008 Rolling Stone ranking of "The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time."

The list places Dylan at 7th, which is a spot that has rankled a few.

While celebrated for his lyrical genius and superbly crafted songwriting, Dylan's voice, while distinctive, doesn't necessarily leap to the forefront of one's mind when considering the greatest of all time.

Social media users have objected to the notion that Dylan has a better voice than, among others, Queen's Freddie Mercury (18th), Michael Jackson (25th), Prince (30th) and Whitney Houston (34th).

If you ask us, arguably more egregious are John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's placements at 5th and 11th respectively, not to mention Kurt Cobain being ranked at 45th ahead of Christina Aguilera, Bjork, Roger Daltrey and Mariah Carey.

And that's not to say that Bob Dylan doesn't have his defenders, who have taken to Twitter to back the Hibbing native, going to show that musical taste is, after all, subjective and ranking lists are ultimately pointless.

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