Winona's response to Winona Ryder's Super Bowl ad is quite excellent

Visit Winona has launched a website mimicking the Hollywood actor's ode to Winona.
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Winona's tourism company has responded to Winona Ryder's Super Bowl ad in the funny, kinda passive-aggressive way you'd expect of Minnesota.

Squarespace this week released its Super Bowl spots featuring the Oscar-nominated actor, as she returned to her Minnesota hometown to create a website based on pictures she took around town.

The website, "Welcome to Winona," actually exists having been launched as part of the Squarespace campaign, featuring some musings from Ryder about her upbringing in southeast Minnesota, and pictures of the town and some of its residents.

But in response, Visit Winona released its own website, "Welcome To The Rest of Winona," featuring some photos of the city that aren't quite as, well, gritty as those picked for Ryder's site.

"Winona is so proud to have hosted its namesake actress for a visit and we are beyond excited to be making our debut on the grandest stage of all - a Super Bowl commercial," it says. "Stranger things have probably not happened here, and we’re in."

"We like pictures too…and while we love the gritty, authentic viewpoint of the photos produced by our beloved star, we want to share a few more with you."

Visit Winona's site features somewhat more colorful pictures of the city and the surrounding bluffs along the Mississippi River, as well as its historic Main Street.

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"Winona Ryder is a beloved figure in Winona and we appreciate being part of her story," said Pat Mutter, executive director of Visit Winona. "The beauty of this campaign is that everyone will have their own version of what True Winona is, and we are looking forward to sharing those with the world too."

Winona Ryder's image-laden website meanwhile will be available in photo book form starting Monday, when an autographed limited edition of just 100 books go on sale at 10 a.m.

You can find more information about it here. Proceeds will go towards the American Indian College Fund.

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