Wisconsin driver with car problems finds a python under the hood

Nope. Just nope.
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Don't you just hate it when your SUV stops working because there's a python under the hood?

Wait, what?

That's what happened to a woman in Omro, Wisconsin on Wednesday evening when she called police to help her out because her vehicle was running strangely.

When they got there, the Omro police officers were "stunned" to find a large snake in the engine compartment, that's believed to be ball python.

The officers then tried to get the snake out, but were unable to wrench it free – pythons are pretty good at holding on, you know. 

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They eventually received some help from a local snake expert, who was able to attend the scene and get the python out with harm.

"The reluctant reptile is alive and well, just tired and scared," Omro PD wrote on Facebook.

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