Wisconsin model says 'yes' to date with KFAN's Meatsauce

This is journalism at its finest!
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meatsauce and model

This isn't a news story. It isn't sports. It isn't to plug KFAN's already impressive ratings. This is a story of a Twin Cities radio personality who asked a model from Wisconsin to go on a date with him, and she said yes on live radio. 

Paul Lambert, better known as "Meatsauce" from KFAN's Power Trip Morning Show, used 100,000 watts of FM signal to find out if Antje Utgaard would be interested in him. 

"I saw your tweet yesterday and I was wondering, if I flew out to L.A. would you go out with me?" asked Lambert during Wednesday's radio show

Before we get to Utgaard's response, some backstory: 

Lambert got the idea to ask her out after Utgaard, who is from New Richmond, Wisconsin and went to the University of Minnesota, tweeted: "Single and ready to lead someone on for the next 3-6 months... any takers?!"

"I'm addicted to Twitter and can't help myself, so I tweeted at her some GIF of Homer (Simpson) going 'Me! Me! Me!'," Lambert explained to Bring Me The News. 

His morning show cohorts saw his tweet, and because they had her contact information from a previous in-studio visit from the model and actress, they decided to call her on the air and have Lambert ask her. 

"You can't hit a home run if you don't swing, so I was like: 'Yeah, great. I'll do it,'" said Lambert. 

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Lambert didn't hesitate with his on-air request. Utgaard did with her response. 

"Hmm. You're really putting me on the spot," she said. 

After a pause and some heckling from Lambert's morning show co-hosts, she called him "quite handsome" and agreed to the date. 

"You know what, Meatsauce. I will go out with you. If you come out here and fly out to see me in L.A., I will go out on a date." 

Flight. Booked. 

"I'm flying out to L.A. a week from Monday, the 15th, and I'm taking her out the 16th somewhere in L.A.," he said. 

"I might rent a car and pick her up because it's the chivalrous thing to do. I'll take her out and we'll have a great time. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's first dates," he added. "I can at least keep a conversation interesting for an hour or two. It'll be fun. L.A.'s great, she's great – we'll see how it goes." 

Believe it or not, Lambert's date with Utgaard is real and not just a wacky radio stunt. He's going alone and says no cameras will be following him. 

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