Wisconsin sports radio host is struck by lightning during show

Fortunately he was able to return to the air later the same day.
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A Wisconsin sports radio host became the very definition of a shock jock this week when he was struck by lightning while on the air.

Bill Michaels was in the middle of hosting "The Bill Michaels Show" on FM-105.7 The Fan from a patio at the Wild Ridge & Mill Run Golf Course in Eau Claire, as a small cell of thunderstorms passed by.

Suddenly, his signal went dead during mid-sentence in the first hour of his show, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, and when it resumed his producer Joe Zenzola had taken over.

His wife, Sherry, wrote on Facebook what happened: "At about 10:25ish, he was blown off the air while he became a human conductor of a lightning bolt that hit the table he was broadcasting from. It went in his finger and out his shoe."

Michaels had been talking to pro football Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer at the time the lightning struck nearby, with some of the current passing through the metal table where they sat.

Fortunately his injuries were no worse than some minor burns and blistering, and he was able to return to the air later the same day.

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"It jolted me, I guess, is the best way to put it. It burned my arms, burned my fingers and found out later it had blown out through my shoe," Michaels said on the radio Friday.

Michaels has been on Wisconsin airwaves since 1999. Among those wishing him well was the state's Gov. Scott Walker.

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