With State Fairgrounds shut down, where will you see Pokemon Go players flock to next?

The State Fairgrounds had been a popular spot for the game.
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You might have missed this if you're one of the many people who gave up on Pokemon Go after a few weeks, but the State Fairgrounds were a huge hit with players.

The area was "LITTERED with Pokestops," as one fan put it, along with multiple gyms. Players could flock there, walk around awhile, and make significant progress in their game.

The extra, distracted foot traffic wasn't sitting well with the fairground, however.

According to the Pioneer Press, players were gathering at the fairgrounds frequently, sometimes in large groups. And their driving while scouring for Pokemon could be irresponsible - there was even a car crash. So the fair asked Pokemon Go developer NIantic to remove all gyms and stops from the fairgrounds.

That kicked in earlier this month, and local players immediately noticed.

"Did anyone see they got rid of all the Pokestops at the State Fair?" asked on Redditor.

Another said the number of gyms was cut from 18 down to four, and noted there are just six Pokestops.

"It feels like the end of an era," one said.

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With the State Fairgrounds minimized, where will players go next?

Como Park and the Mall of America both get mentioned as solid spots. The most frequent suggestion though seems to be Victory Memorial Parkway in Minneapolis, which one Reddit user said has "120+ poke stops and 30 to 40 gyms in a 10 mile radius."

That one might get the fairgrounds treatment as well though. In December, players started noticing all gyms and stops there were disabled from midnight until the morning, and fans are wondering if "VMP," as they call it, will be cut down in the future just like the fairgrounds.

"Fairgrounds is gone, VMP is taking a lot of heat, and soon after, Mall of America," wrote one player on Reddit. "We all need to start policing our own behavior or there will be nothing left for everyone."

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