Woman calls for return of wedding rings stolen at St. Paul hospital

Lauren Zappa says her jewelry was stolen while she was getting an MRI.
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A woman says her jewelry – including her wedding ring set – was stolen from a locker while she was getting an MRI at United Hospital in St. Paul.

Lauren Zappa placed her jewelry in the locker in a secured locker of the hospital before her MRI, only to return to find her rings, earrings, and a nose ring had been stolen.

She has taken to Facebook to call for their return, with her appeal having been shared thousands of times.

Zappa was especially upset over the theft of her diamond and sapphire rings, which had belonged to members of her family, as well as a tiny gold band that was her great grandmother's.

Zappa says hospital staff told her the locker was broken and therefore able to be unlocked with any locker key. Zappa claims she was told by United Hospital that it does not feel liable, and she has called for greater accountability on the hospital’s part.

“None of this is about money for me/us. It's about making sure people take responsibility for what they did or even didn't do (check their locks)," she wrote.

"It's about protecting other people from this happening to them."

According to KSTP, Zappa has filed a report for the stolen items with the St. Paul Police Department, and an investigation is ongoing. 

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