Woman catches record-setting northern pike on Mille Lacs

They're gonna need a bigger boat.
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A catch-and-release record was set on Mille Lacs Lake earlier this month when a Minnesota angler reeled in a gigantic fish. 

According to the DNR, Maddy Ogg was fishing the big lake on Saturday, Oct. 6 when she got a bite that bent her fishing rod hard. The beast in the water was a 43 1/2 inch northern pike, big enough to set the state record for longest northern pike caught and released. 

She met the monster while trolling plants in about 12 feet of water, the DNR says. 

Ogg's record may not last long. According to the DNR, there are some other monster pike in Mille Lacs that are believed to be close to 50 inches long and more than 20 pounds. 

In Minnesota, records lengths are are kept for catch-and-release of muskies, northern pike, lake sturgeon and flathead catfish. Record weights are tracked for other fish species. 

If you catch a beast that you think might be a contender for the state record, you can submit information right here

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