Woman squeezes into baby swing, gets stuck at Minneapolis park

It happened nearly a year to the day of the famous tailpipe teen incident.
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Almost one year to the day that a Minnesota teenager got her head stuck in the tailpipe of a pickup, another Minnesotan had to call for help after getting stuck in a baby swing. 

Oh yeah. It's true. City Pages was the first to point it out, noting that a South Minneapolis Crime Watch page was following scanner audio about an adult "stuck in a baby swing."

It prompted them to dig up a police report, which they did. City Pages found out that it was a woman attempting to see if she could fit. 

“FRIEND IS STUCK IN THE BABY SWING,” the incident report reads. Fortunately, it continues, “IS AWAKE AND BREATHING NORMAL.”

She now knows the answer, and so does the fire department. 

We're probably talking about one of those rubber bucket seats that are "ideal for ages 2-5 years," according to SwingSetMall.com

The rubber swings have leg openings that are 12 inches wide front to back and 10 inches wide side to side, and they come in red, blue, green, yellow and most commonly, black. 

There's literally a warning on the baby swing that reads: "WARNING: THIS SWING SEAT HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR VERY SMALL CHILDREN." 

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Honestly, mid-June is a dangerous time to do stupid stuff. 

The tailpipe teen incident happened either June 8 or June 9 during the Winstock Music Festival, and the sticky baby swing situation unfolded the night of June 10. 

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