Woodbury man breaks Superior Hiking Trail record – and his leg

The 32-year-old battled through the pain to finish.
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You'll now find Woodbury's Ajay Pickett on FKT, aka Fastest Known Time, a website that ranks records for hiking trail completions.

That's because he set a new record earlier this month for walking the Superior Hiking Trail, making the 310-mile journey in 7 days, 20 hours and 56 minutes.

But his inclusion on FKT only tells part of the story, because he managed to beat the previous record by 10 hours while finishing the hike with a fractured leg.

The 32-year-old, who is an ultra marathon runner and avid hiker, told the Duluth News Tribune that 5 days into his trek, while well ahead of record time, his foot struck a hidden tree root, and what felt like stubbed toes turned out to be a probable hairline fracture in his lower leg.

He slowed his pace from 4 miles an hour to 1, taking ibuprofen to make it through the pain until his leg loosened up enough that he could walk faster.

In a video journal he made of his journey, shared by GearJunkie, he said while about 50 miles from the finish: "My right leg is not good — I hope it’s just shin splints. I can barely do a mile an hour."

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Still, he battled on to the finish, knowing he was still on track to beat the record despite his injury.

The Superior Hiking Trail stretches for 310 miles from the Minnesota-Wisconsin border near Duluth, along the North Shore to the 270 Degree Outlook, near the Minnesota-Canada border.

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