Words with Friends 2 adds 'hotdish' to its dictionary

The Scrabble-like game has made a much-needed concession to Minnesotans.
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Any regular Words with Friends players out there? The Scrabble-like app may have had its heyday in around 2011, but it still retains a loyal fanbase.

And to keep fans loyal, and perhaps serve as a reminder that the game is still out there and now on its second incarnation, Words with Friends 2, the app has announced a dozen new words will be added to its dictionary.

These words are specific to individual states, such as the rather fantastic "cattywampus," an Arkansas word meaning "askew" or "awry."

More importantly for Minnesota, however, is the addition of "hotdish," which Words with Friends 2 considers an "informal noun" where we consider it anything but.

"A casserole which typically contains a starch, a meat, and a canned or frozen vegetable mixed with canned soup," is its definition, which rather undersells the wonder that is the hotdish.

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Elsewhere, the Wisconsinite word "Whoopensocker," meaning "anything extraordinary of its kind" also makes the list.

The same goes for the Iowan colloquialism of "Padiddle" which is the word shouted in a game when someone spots a vehicle with only one working headlight.

Now hotdish has been added, feel free to ask Words with Friends to also add "Uff-da!", "Skol!", "betcha" and "dontcha.

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