Writer asks Twitter: 'Who has the best state fair?' Gets emphatic response

It seems like everybody knows Minnesota is the best.

That the Minnesota State Fair is the best of its kind in the country is of no surprise to Minnesotans, but it's good to be reminded that most everyone else thinks the same thing.

On Wednesday, Brooklyn-based writer Ashley C. Ford asked her 161,000 Twitter followers: "Who has the best state fair?"

Perhaps she thought such a question would spark off an interesting debate, but she quickly realized that, no, there really is no debate.

While a few proposed Texas and Iowa as possible contenders, the vast majority of responses were pretty emphatic that Minnesota is the only state fair worth writing home about.

What's particularly affirming about the response is that a lot of those backing Minnesota aren't even residents of the state. but Here's a flavor of some of the responses:

  • "Literally no competition: Minnesota."
  • "Minnesota. We go every year, and it is tremendous."
  • "Minnesota and it isn’t even close."
  • "Minnesota. I think I'm now required to turn in my Texas card, though."
  • "I’m from Wisconsin so it brings me no joy to say this but...Minnesota."
  • "I’ve been to TX state fair twice. Minnesota State Fair is by far the best."

You can see the full thread and the hundreds of responses it got here. 

Somewhat overwhelmed with the one-sided responses, Ford admitted in a later tweet that she didn't see it coming.

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