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Yankees writer comes to Minnesota to start a Twins rivalry, finds us too nice

They probably just waited till she was gone to say what they really felt...
TC Bear

All are welcome in Minnesota, even Yankees fans.

That's according to New York Post writer Kirsten Fleming, a self-confessed "lifelong Yanks and Giants fan," who spent some time in the Twin Cities trying to manufacture some rage from Minnesota sports fans.

Donning a Yankees jersey, Fleming spent was in Minneapolis over the weekend, all the while her beloved Yankees were whipping the Twins' backside all over Yankee Stadium.

You can read about her experience in full in the piece entitled: "A New York fan tries to start a rivalry in Minnesota – they're too nice to agree."

Among her encounters was a quick convo with a Twins fan who apparently asked her: "You're not the enemy are ya?" (We expect the accent has been exaggerated as that's how everyone outside Minnesota thinks everyone in Minnesota speaks).

When she replied with the affirmative, in that she is, indeed, a Yankees fan, the gentleman said: "That’s OK. Everyone is welcome here. It’s the Minnesota Nice.”

She goes on to describe a high-five she received from a Twins fan waiting in line for a Homer Hanky, as she expressed surprise that nobody shouted "F--- you."

"Hey, we're not Boston," he said.

The thing is, Kirsten, we do hate the Yankees. Everyone hates the Yankees. They suck. And so do their fans, especially Bob Costas.

Sure nobody said it to your face, but you can bet your bottom dollar there was at least some sincere head-shaking and muttered incriminations once you turned your back. That's the Minnesota way.

"Kill you with kindness" is how Minnesota gets s--- done. I mean, look at this video of Twins fans in Yankee stadium on Friday, doing nothing more than cheering their team only to be told by a New York fan: "Shut the f--- up!"

"Hey! I'm sorry!" he shouted – perfectly – in reply, and you tell us who comes out of that video looking better? The rowdy, intolerant Yankees fan, or the passionate, polite Minnesotan?

Yankees fans attending Game 3 at Target Field can be sure to expect a far better reception than our fans did out on the East Coast. Hell, they'll probably feel right at home given the price of a beer at Target Field will be broadly similar to what you'll find at a regular bar in Manhattan.

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