Yes, that's a bear in someone's back yard in Chaska

Oh, hey. I didn't see you over there.
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bear in Chaska

Bear sightings aren't all that rare in Minnesota, but anytime one shows up in the back yard of an outer suburb it certainly makes a little noise. 

"Well, this 'bearly' ever happens... if ever," Chaska police wrote on Twitter. "Bear sightings reported near Cascade Drive and Guardian Angels cemetery. mndnr is aware. Keep your distance if you see it."

Chaska police chief Scott Knight told the Chaska Herald that it's the first time in 43 years he can recall a bear being in Chaska. 

According to the Minnesota DNR's bear sightings map, black bears were spotted in Victoria, Prior Lake and Savage earlier this year, in addition to even more a little further east in Burnsville, Apple Valley and Eagan. 

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It needn't be said, but stay away from the bear if you see it. 

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