1 in 5 Minnesota House staff have experienced, seen sexual harassment at the Capitol

The results of a survey were revealed this week.
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One in five Minnesota House members and staffers have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment at the State Capitol.

That's according to an anonymous survey that has been submitted for discussion by the House Task Force on Workplace Safety and Respect this week.

Half of elected House members and 72 percent House employees responded to the survey, and around 1 in 5 said they "had experienced or witnessed something that could be described as sexually harassing behavior in the legislative workplace."

When asked where the harassment happened, House staffers and members said it most commonly took place at "off-premises events," with "legislators' offices" the second most common location.

The survey comes a year after two elected members – former Rep. Tony Cornish and Sen. Dan Schoen – resigned after sexual harassment complaints.

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Since then, House members have been required to attend an all-day training sessions that covers topics including implicit bias, and harassment and discrimination.

This is in addition to the harassment and discrimination training they receive when first elected to the House.

The House Task Force on Workplace Safety and Respect will discuss the findings in more detail at a meeting on Friday.

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