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142-pound cougar hit by car in northern Minnesota

The photos are being shared like crazy.
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File this one in your memory as something you don't see every day. 

A large cat, believed to be a cougar, was hit by a car and killed in northern Minnesota near the small town of Nimrod. Jesse Koskiniemi captured photos of the big cat and said it weighs 142 pounds, with paws the size of a grown man's hands. 

According to the Minnesota DNR, cougars, also referred to as mountain lions or pumas, are "highly secretive" and encounters with them are extremely rare in Minnesota. 

The weight of cougars varies by gender, with females weighing up to 140 pounds while male cougars tip the scales up to 220 pounds. 

Nimrod is located about 50 miles northwest of Brainerd in north-central Minnesota. 

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