150,000 Minnesotans to get a $2.25 refund check from the DVS

Don't spend it all at once.
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150,000 Minnesotans will be the lucky recipients of a check from the Minnesota Department of Vehicles Services (DVS) in the coming weeks. Unluckily, the check is only for $2.25.

The refunds were announced by the Minnesota Department of Safety on Friday, and comes after many Minnesotans were hit with an extra "technology" surcharge.

Affected by the overcharging were Minnesotans who transferred their title and renewed their vehicle registration at the same time. That should have only resulted in a single surcharge, but instead two were levied.

"It’s important that we return the fee to anyone who paid more than they should have,” Minnesota DVS Director Emma Corrie said.

"We are also taking steps to make sure no one else is overcharged in the future. We will also be tracking these types of transactions so that we can correct the situation as quickly as possible.'

The total value of the overcharge is approximately $337,500, which have been collected over the past five months.

Minnesota Management and Budget authorized the refunds on Wednesday, and will be sending out up to 5,000 refunds per day, Monday through Friday, until all have been mailed.

Meanwhile, the DVS has updated its system as of Jan. 13, which will allow deputy registrars to waive the second $2.25 henceforth.

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The extra surcharge will be removed completely when the DVS launches its new registration system, scheduled for November this year.

Minnesota's new vehicle registration system comes after the long-running, expensive and ultimately scrapped launch of the MNLARS system.

A $52 million replacement called the Vehicle Title and Registration System is being developed, with State Scoop reporting earlier this month that so far the work on it is going smoothly.

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