18-wheeler gets stuck on the ice at Lake Minnetonka

The truck driver was reportedly led onto the ice by his GPS
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A semi truck on the ice on Lake Minnetonka.

In a testament to the thickness of the ice on Lake Minnetonka, a semi-trailer truck ended up driving onto the lake this weekend and miraculously did not fall through.

It happened Saturday on Carson's Bay, which is near the town of Deephaven on the lake's eastern shores.

According to FOX 9, the driver was trying to make a delivery to a local home when he accidentally drove onto a snow-covered part of the lake. 

The station says the truck was able to eventually leave the ice without incident — or injuries or damage — thanks to some bystanders, including one man who used his pickup to pull the truck "to a less snowy area."

Comments from witnesses on both Facebook and Twitter indicate the driver was led onto the ice by his GPS (video of the truck can be found in the tweet below):

The driver's luck was all the more remarkable considering that the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office has this weekend posted "Thin Ice" signs in the channel areas of Lake Minnetonka.

That comes after two snowmobiles went through the ice in Seton Channel on Saturday night, which is opening up as a result of water current and water temperatures.

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