2 charged in connection with man's fatal overdose in Waconia

A 33-year-old man died after taking heroin combined with fentanyl.
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Police in Carver County have arrested two people for murder after the death of a man from an overdose on August 15.

Jeffrey Hanson, 33, died in a hospital in the early hours of Aug. 17, a little over a day after being found unresponsive at a property in the 600 block of 1st Street East in Waconia.

At the time, police noted evidence of intravenous drug use, and obtained a search warrant for the property, which saw them recover hypodermic needles and suspected heroin.

The heroin later tested positive for fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid that has been responsible for a growing number of opioid deaths in Minnesota. Hanson died despite the best efforts of first responders, who administered two doses of the opioid OD antidote Narcan.

Through further investigation, deputies learned the identity of the suspects believed to have sold the drugs to Hanson, leading to two arrests this week.

Alexander Finney, 24, of Chaska, and a Nicole Marini, 26, of Fridley have been arrested and charged with 3rd-degree murder and aiding and abetting 3rd-degree murder respectively.

According to a criminal complaint, police interviewed Hanson's roommate, who said Hanson had bought the drugs from a person named "Finney," after the roommate had arranged the transaction.

Finney allegedly sold the heroin for $80 for just under a gram of the drug, with the transaction taking place in Hanson's garage.

Police then obtained messages between the roommate and Finney arranging the deal. Both Finney and Marini were picked up for other drugs-related offenses on Aug. 18.

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Marini admitted to allowing Finney to use her car in the day leading up to the drug sale, including a trip to Minneapolis to pick up heroin from Finney's supplier, and was present for the sale of the drug to Hanson.

Marini said she'd used heroin from Finney's supplier numerous times in the two months prior to Hanson's death, and that she'd overdosed several times.

In phone conversations made from jail, Finney claimed Marini had "snitched" on him, and claimed he had sold the drugs to someone else who gave it to Hanson.

Hanson's death was later determined to have been an overdose from a mixture of heroin and alcohol.

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