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2 days after blizzard, travel still not advised near Rochester

Things are getting better slowly but surely.
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train stuck in snow

A train that got stuck in a massive drift over the tracks in Freeborn County. 

It's been nearly two full days since blizzard conditions wound down but travel is still very difficult in parts of southeast Minnesota. 

In fact, a handful of highways remain closed as crews continue working around the clock to remove massive snow drifts caused by 50 mph winds and about a foot of snow that fell in the Rochester area over the weekend. 

Interstate 35 has re-opened from Owatonna to the Iowa border and I-90 has also re-opened, although both main arteries still have a layer of snow and ice on them. 

Here's a morning update on road conditions from MnDOT. Highways colored in purple represent areas where no travel is advised, red markers indicate road closures, pink represents roads completely covered in snow and ice. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 7.23.26 AM

The photo of the train stuck in snow at the top of the story is out of Freeborn County. Seven crew members were on two trains that got stuck on Sunday. They were rescued by the Minnesota National Guard, who got to them via a small unit support vehicle, according to Minnesota Homeland Security & Emergency Management

MnDOT shared video of their equipment removing huge snow drifts, some up to eight feet tall, from I-35. Note that these video were taken Monday and I-35 has since re-opened. 

Meanwhile, county roads are still a complete nightmare in southeast Minnesota. Many of them remain packed with snow and large drifts that will take time to clear. 

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