Two dogs, one puppy killed in shooting in St. Paul

No one has been arrested.

Three dogs have died after a shooting in St. Paul Tuesday night. 

Two rottweilers, named Charlotte and Kingston, were initially reported as injured and a Great Dane puppy named Sky died following the incident, St. Paul Police spokesperson Steve Linders told BMTN

FOX 9 has since reported that the rottweilers have since died, per the owners, while Sky died from a suspected heart attack due to anxiety caused by the gunshots. Police have yet to confirm this however.

Around 10 p.m. Tuesday, officers were called to reports of shots fired near the intersection of Milton Street and Charles Avenue, with a caller saying she heard a dog barking, several gunshots and then a dog yelp. 

When officers arrived, a group of people in front of a house on the 900 block of Charles Avenue flagged them down. Officers saw a trail of blood leading to the house's porch, where Charlotte was "bleeding profusely." She had been shot in the head, chest and front leg, Linders said.

Officers found another trail of blood that led to an alleyway, where they found Kingston, who was shot in the leg. While officers were there, the dog's owner picked it up to bring to the vet. 

Then officers found Sky, who was less than a year old, unresponsive in the front yard.

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The dogs' owner told police he had recently let the dogs out into the fenced-in backyard but said one of the gates might have been open and the dogs may have left the yard. That is still under investigation, Linders said. 

A possible witness told police the dogs may have been walking northbound in the streets before shots were fired. 

According to the incident report, no casings were found at the scene and Linders said no arrests have been made. The case remains open and active. 

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