2 Minnesota Dairy Queens slammed by vehicles in the last week

The DQ in Cold Spring was crashed into on Tuesday morning.
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For the second time in a week a vehicle has crashed into a Minnesota Dairy Queen.

Last week, a truck went through the outside wall of the DQ in Perham, and on Tuesday morning a car buried itself inside the restaurant on Hwy. 23 in Cold Spring. 

Video from inside the Dairy Queen posted to Twitter by shows extensive damage. 

The St. Cloud Times reports that the car slamming into the Cold Spring DQ is the result of a two-car crash after one car tried to make a u-turn on Hwy. 23. Further details are unknown at this time. 

It's been a weirdly prolific week for car/restaurant smashes.

The other day, two cars crashed into restaurants in St. Paul in separate incidents.

The first plowed into the front door of Tongue in Cheek on Payne Avenue, while the second crashed through the railings of a White Castle at University Avenue and Lexington Parkway.

Note: An earlier version of this story featured a photograph we had initially been informed was taken by a member of public at the scene. We later learned it had been taken by the St. Cloud Times. The picture has been replaced with our apologies.

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