2 people charged in death of man following a seemingly random assault

The suspects had cat-called one of the victims before assaulting them.
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Erin Sundby and Cameron St. Claire. 

Erin Sundby and Cameron St. Claire. 

Two people have been charged in the death of a man in Moorhead last week following what police called a "significant assault."

Erin Sundby, 35, and Cameron St. Claire, 32, are charged in connection to Richard Stephen's death on June 4. St. Claire is charged with 2nd-degree murder, 3rd-degree murder, 2nd-degree manslaughter and receiving stolen property, a news release says. 

Sundby is charged with accomplice aiding an offender of 2nd-degree murder, accomplice aiding an offender of 3rd-degree murder, accomplice aiding an offender of 2nd-degree manslaughter, 3rd-degree assault and receiving stolen property, the release notes.

According to the criminal complaint against Sundby, Moorhead police were called to 1615 20th St. S on a report of an assault. An officer spoke with one of the victims, who said she and her boyfriend Richard Stephen were attacked by two Latino men and a white woman.

The victim said she and Stephen had gotten back to their apartment late on June 3 and were walking inside when the suspects were cat-calling toward her from a silver Suburban, saying things like "Hey girl, hey girl," the complaint said.

The victim said she used profanity toward the people and told them to stop calling her out, noting she didn't know them and they should leave them alone, the complaint notes. The victim said as she walked into the tunnel entrance of the apartment, the woman, later identified as Sundby, got out of the vehicle "ran up on her" and began assaulting her.

The victim said Sundby grabbed her by the back of her hair and threw her on the ground, charges say. She hit her head on the ground and she believed she may have lost consciousness for a period of time. The victim said she was dizzy.

When the victim was lying on her back on the ground, Sundby was in the mounted position on top of her and "wailing on her," noting she punched her several times – at least three times to her head and face, the complaint states. The suspect called her a "stupid f------ b----" and the victim wondered why this woman was doing this because she didn't know her.

The officer observed the injuries to the victim's left side of her face.

The victim wondered why her boyfriend wasn't coming over to help her when she realized the two Latino men were assaulting him, saying they were "pulverizing" him, charges say. The victim said she never heard Stephen say anything to the men.

After Sundby punched her several times, she got off the victim and left the area, the complaint says. The victim isn't sure if the woman and two men left into the apartment area or when back to their Suburban.

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Victim passed out, later died in a hospital

The victims went into their apartment, at which time Stephen called a friend and said he had been assaulted and was stomped on by two men, charges note. He then laid down on the couch and "basically passed out," the victim said.

The victim said she started to clean herself up and called a couple of friends to tell them what happened. 

After talking on the phone, she checked on Stephen and wasn't able to revive or get him to wake up. At that point, she called police. She said she waited to call the police because she doesn't regularly like to call them.

When the officer arrived, he wasn't able to wake Stephen up, but noted at the time he was breathing and had a pulse, charges say. An ambulance took him to the hospital, where he later died.

An autopsy said he suffered a skull fracture, a subdural hematoma and conjunctival hemorrhage, with the medical examiner determining the cause of death was craniocerebral injuries with subdural hematoma due to blunt trauma to the head, with the manner of death being homicide.

Suspect walked past victim during police interview

While police were at the victims' apartment, a man and two women walked by the victim, one of them was positively identified by Stephen's girlfriend as the woman who attacked her.

The officer spoke with Sundby and St. Claire, noting Sundby had dried blood and bruising on her right hand and St. Claire had markings on his hand and had dried blood on his shoes, charges state.

Sundby and St. Claire are known to law enforcement and both had been involved with criminal offenses within Cass and Clay counties, the complaint says. Sundby had been involved in a long-term car chase between the two counties on May 15, where she eluded police before eventually being arrested. She was released without bail with a promise to remain law-abiding.

St. Claire was believed to be with Sundby during the police pursuit but was unable to be charged, the complaint notes. Sundby also has an active Clay County case open for first-degree burglary.

There is no mention in the charges of the other man involved in the assault being in custody.

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