23-month-old Minnesota girl survives being pinned under van for 20 minutes

The child's mother is hoping to raise money to help cover medical expenses.
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A 23-month-old girl who was run over by a slow-moving van at a park in western Minnesota is recovering, but has a long road ahead. 

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said that Kenzie Moran was walking through a parking lot with her siblings at Chippewa Park in Brandon, Minnesota, when she was run over by the vehicle on Saturday.

The tot was pinned under the van for 20 minutes before being rescued and airlifted to Children's Hospital in the Twin Cities. 

Her mother, Catherine Moran, told the Grand Forks Herald that Kenzie was trapped under the axle near the front left tire, and was freed when a group of people helped lift the vehicle high enough to pull Kenzie out. 

She suffered scrapes and bruising on her back and head and a broken/severed big toe, the Herald notes. Fortunately, Kenzie didn't suffer any brain damage and doctors were able to re-attach the piece of her toe. 

Moran, who has five other children, is asking for financial assistance through a GoFundMe page for Kenzie, saying they are a one-income family and she will need to take time off from work to care for her daughter.

They will also need addition to buy a new car seat that will support the cast on Kenzie's leg. 

She started the fundraiser on Tuesday and as of Thursday it had generated just $85 of her $1,500 goal. 

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