$250K-worth of meth seized in New Ulm raids, brother and sister arrested

Two people were arrested for possession of drugs and firearms.
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Authorities in southern Minnesota seized $250,000-worth of methamphetamine in a pair of raids that saw the arrest of a brother and sister.

The Brown/Lyon/Redwood/Renville Drug Task Force executed a search warrant in New Ulm on Jan. 19 that ultimately led to the arrest of the siblings, Stephanie and Zachariah Tisdell, aged 43 and 35, respectively.

They have been charged with felony-level drug crimes after two searches turned up 7 pounds of meth with a street value of $250,000.

Stephanie Tisdell wasn't arrested until Jan. 28 on an outstanding warrant, with another search executed shortly after turning up the bulk of the drugs.

As well as the meth, police found 46 pills of Trazodone, 6 unknown pills, and small amounts of "unknown off-white powdery substances" and a "dark-colored unknown substance."

Two guns were also seized, one a .22 caliber long gun and the other a loaded 9mm handgun, as well as paraphernalia "related to the use and sale of meth."

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