27-year-old charged in killing of innocent man while fleeing police

The incident unfolded the afternoon of Wednesday, May 1.
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A Brooklyn Park man accused of fleeing police and crashing into a car and killing its driver has been charged with fleeing a police officer, resulting in death – a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. 

According to a criminal complaint, 27-year-old Trevon McMorris was being investigated for drug dealing when he fled police on Wednesday, speeding north on Aldrich Ave. where he crashed into a sedan that was going west on 36th Ave. N. His vehicle also struck a parked car. 

The driver of the sedan, identified as 50-year-old Jose Madrid Salcidio, of Minneapolis, was found pinned in the vehicle, unconscious and without a pulse. He was rushed by ambulance to North Memorial Health Hospital where he was pronounced dead about an hour later, the complaint says. 

Prior to McMorris fleeing, police had responded to a call of people in three vehicles making "suspicious exchanges" in front of 3330 Aldrich Ave. N. When an officer arrived at the location and approached the Dodge Durango McMorris was driving, the officer was able to ID McMorris, and noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. 

While that officer was back in his squad running routine checks on McMorris, another officer was talking to the driver of a car in front of the Durango. According to the charges, that's when McMorris sped away, nearly hitting the officer talking to the other driver. 

Police found several bags of what's believed to be cocaine inside McMorris' vehicle, in addition to a loaded semi-automatic pistol, marijuana and a small scale. 

The complaint notes that McMorris has an extended history of traffic violations, including fleeing a peace officer on April 4. 

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