3-foot Asian water monitor lizard missing in Minnesota

If you see it, contact the police department.
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A 3-foot Asian water monitor lizard has crawled away from his Champlin home, and his owner is hoping to get it back, according to the Champlin Police Department

In the police department's Facebook post about the missing animal, it said "Here is a photo of the lizard. This is not the one that’s lost, but if you see this in your yard, it’s probably the one."

If anyone sees the animal, please call the police department, with the post adding, "Our community service officer has studied and trained diligently for years for this exact situation, and he is ready to take this creature safely into custody."

The police department notes Asian water monitor lizard could become aggressive if backed into a corner, noting a search on Wikipedia taught them they eat rodents and crocodile eggs "so as long as you don't have those things, you should be good."

The police department's phone number is 763-421-2971.

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