3 people sickened by melons bought at MN Trader Joe's

It's part of a nationwide salmonella outbreak that includes 93 cases so far.
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A nationwide salmonella outbreak that's being blamed on pre-cut melon has sickened three people in Minnesota.

According to a news release the Minnesota Health Department, the three had eaten cantaloupe from a single Minnesota Trader Joe's last month, but the store's exact location isn't mentioned. 

Two of the victims were children who live in the same household, while the other was an adult. Luckily, none of them needed to be hospitalized, and all three have recovered, the release says.

The tainted melons have been traced to an Indiana food supplier, Caito Foods, LLC, which has issued a voluntary recall of fresh-cut watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe and mixed fruit containing one of these melons

So far, the outbreak of Salmonella Carrau has sickened 93 people in nine states, and according to the health department, "the investigation is ongoing and more cases may be detected."

If you've bought any melons from Caito Foods, health officials recommend throwing it out or returning them to where they were purchased. That said, whole melons "are not known to be affected." 

If the label doesn't indicate the supplier, call the store — and if it's still not clear whether the melons came from Caito Foods, throw them away.

The health department says 700-975 salmonella cases are reported in Minnesota each year. 

For more information about symptoms, treatment and prevention, check out the state's website on salmonella right here.  

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