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4 MN corrections officers hurt in latest inmate attack

This follows a rash of similar incidents at Minnesota prisons throughout 2018.
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There's been another assault by prison inmates on corrections officers (COs) in Minnesota, this time at the correctional facility in St. Cloud. 

This is the latest in a long series of such attacks in 2018, two of which have resulted in the deaths of COs – Joseph Gomm at Stillwater prison in July, and Joseph Parise Oak Park Heights in September. 

The St. Cloud incident began Thursday morning, when an inmate assaulted a CO in the dining hall, FOX 9 reports. 

The station says three other COs who came to help were also attacked.

According to the Associated Press, all four staff members were taken to the hospital, evaluated and released. 

The circumstances that led up to the attack aren't clear yet, and neither the inmate nor the officers involved have been identified, but reports say the incident is now under investigation by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

The safety of the state's prison workers has come under scrutiny since the death of the aforementioned Gomm, as well as various other attacks that have happened since.

That includes one at Faribault prison in September, which is strikingly similar to the one that happened in St. Cloud on Thursday, with four COs being injured following a confrontation in the dining hall.  

Additionally, Oak Park Heights prison made the news again just weeks after the death of a CO within its walls, when five staff members were injured in two separate assaults in October.

According to a 2013 study, "correctional officers have one of the highest rates of nonfatal, work-related injuries," and that "despite these high injury rates... injury prevention research has lagged" in the prison industry. 

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