911 transcript reveals what Archer Amorosi's mom told police before fatal shooting

The teen was reportedly suicidal before he was shot dead by police.
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Carver County authorities have released a transcript of the 911 call made by the mother of Archer Amorosi shortly before police arrived and shot him dead.

The 16-year-old Minnetonka High School student was said to be suicidal last Friday morning, and his tearful mother Kara explains to a 911 dispatcher how her son had locked her in their garage and was holding knives and a baseball bat.

He was being "violent and destructive," she said, adding that he was "assaulting the house."

When asked by the dispatcher if she thinks her son wants to hurt police officers, she said: "YES I DO, he wants to, he wants them to shoot him ... he just locked me out of my house, he he wants them, he wants them to get in like a showdown with the police."

She goes on to reveal that police had been called to their house on Oriole Avenue in Chanhassen the day before, saying he "needed a medical evaluation and they couldn't do anything."

"He's gonna do something bad," she also says at one point.

Much of the rest of the transcript involves dispatchers and officers trying to get Kara Amorosi out of the garage.

The mother doesn't mention the possibility that her son had a gun, though a police officer is quoted on the transcript as saying they could see him with a handgun in the living room.

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The handgun turned out to be an Airsoft BB gun, with officers initially trying to get Amorosi out of the living room using a Taser and pepper spray through the window.

The teenager then ran out of the front door holding a hatchet and the Airsoft gun, with officers issuing verbal commands and once again deploying a Taser, to little effect.

Two deputies, Corporal Jacob Hodge and Deputy Travis Larson, then opened fire, killing him.

Other data logs released by the Carver County Sheriff's Office reveal there were 9 service calls at the Amorosi home between July 2015 and July 2018.

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