AG Keith Ellison's mother dies from complications of COVID-19

Clida Martinez Ellison died last month.
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The mother of Keith Ellison died last month from complications from the coronavirus.

Clida Martinez Ellison died March 26 at the age of 81, with her cause of death confirmed in a New York Times column written by Minneapolis 5th Ward Council Member Jeremiah Ellison, Keith's son, on Wednesday.

The diagnosis came after she died, with Jeremiah Ellison writing: "Last week, I learned that Nana had tested positive for the coronavirus, and knowing that makes me angrier — as though she didn’t truly pass but was snatched from us."

He described her funeral in Detroit, and expressed discontent with the fact that the coronavirus is disproportionately impacting black communities.

"Leaving Detroit, I thought about the disproportionate number of black folks dying from the coronavirus because they had asthma, diabetes or hypertension. Because they had limited access to affordable, healthy food. Because they lived near factories. Because they couldn’t afford to visit a doctor or because they couldn’t afford to miss work. Because their blood pressure was perpetually too high from a lifetime of being stressed out by all of the above."

Keith Ellison, Minnesota's Attorney General, paid tribute to his mother last month after her death, when at the time the cause of it was unconfirmed.

"My brothers and I (Leonard, Brian, Tony and Eric) had a unbelievably cool mom, Clida Martinez Ellison. Smart, funny, tenacious, foodie, and so much more. Early this morning, she passed on. Prayers. Gratitude for her 81 years here with us; incredible person," he wrote.

Also paying tribute to Clida Ellison is Sen. Amy Klobuchar, whose own husband went through a battle with COVID-19.

"As I said when she passed, ⁦Keith Ellison‘s mom was an incredible woman and a pioneer," she tweeted.

As of Wednesday, Michigan has had more than 28,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 1,900 deaths.

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