AMC launches $20-a-month subscription to watch up to 12 new movies a month

That includes IMAX movies, as well as giving you free large popcorn refills.
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AMC is now offering a $20 monthly subscription service that will allow customers to see up to three movie screenings every week.

The movie theater chain announced the launch of AMC Stubs A-List, a response to the growing popularity of MoviePass, which charges $9.95 per month to see a new movie every day, or $7.95 to see three a month.

By contrast, AMC's $19.95-a-month plus tax subscription allows customers to watch up to three screenings a week (starting Friday, ending Thursday) but at any time they want – including watching all three movies in a single day.

They can also be the same movie watched on multiple occasions (we're looking at you, "Star Wars" fans), and the subscription includes showings on IMAX screens, "RealD" 3D shows, and Dolby Cinema theaters.

It also comes with benefits at AMC's concession stands, including free upgrades on popcorn and soda, free refills on large popcorn, express service at the box office and concession stands, no online ticketing fees and loyalty points.

AMC has nine movie theaters in Minnesota, seven of which are in the Twin Cities metro with the others in New Ulm and Mankato.

Currently, a standard evening showing to the AMC in Southdale, Edina, costs $11.49 for an adult ticket. For an IMAX showing, it's $15.99.

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While twice as expensive as MoviePass, there's good reason for it. MoviePass is burning through money like there's no tomorrow. It pays movie theaters for the price of a ticket every time a subscriber sees a movie.

CNN reports that while it's seen a huge rise in subscribers, it hasn't been growing enough to make the service profitable.

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