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There were a number of developments concerning the police killing of Amir Locke at the weekend. Here's what you need to know:

Protest outside house believed to be Amelia Huffman's

After a protest that was attended by more than 1,000 people in downtown Minneapolis calling for justice for Amir Locke, protesters on Sunday evening demonstrated outside what is believed to be the home of Amelia Huffman, the interim chief of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Huffman is under increased scrutiny following the shooting of Locke and controversial claims she and her department made about Locke in the aftermath, including describing him as a "suspect," claiming the SWAT team announced themselves before entering (which bodycam video didn't show), and claiming that Locke was pointing his gun toward an officer (which again, the video didn't show).

Dozens of demonstrators rallied outside what is allegedly Huffman's home in the Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood, where they gave speeches via megaphone and chanted. Here's footage from the protest shared to Facebook by independent journalist Georgia Fort.

Minneapolis councilor to propose creation of Department of Public Safety

November's ballot question to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a Department of Public Safety failed to get the 51% required, while voters also approved a question granting greater powers to Mayor Jacob Frey via the "strong mayor" system.

But recently-elected Ward 1 councilor Elliott Payne has signaled he intends to make another attempt to change the city's charter to create a new department. This could conceivably see a new question put on the ballot this November.

Mayor Frey has previously signaled his approval for the creation of a Department of Public Safety, albeit one that works parallel with MPD rather than replacing it. He campaigned vigorously in support of keeping MPD and against the creation of a new Department of Public Safety last fall.

Frey's campaign scrubs no-knock warrant mention from site

Mayor Jacob Frey has found himself under similar scrutiny after it emerged that Locke died while MPD was serving a "no-knock warrant," something that Frey had claimed during last year's re-election campaign that he'd banned the use of.

While a policy was implemented in November 2020 by Frey and then-MPD chief Medaria Arradondo that supposedly restricted the use of no-knock warrants and set out guidelines for how they should be carried out, MPD continued to apply for and execute dozens of no-knock warrants after this.

At the weekend, it emerged that a line highlighting one of Frey's achievements as "banning the use of no-knock warrants in Minneapolis" had been removed from his campaign's website. 

On Sunday, Frey's campaign told WCCO's David Schuman the claim had been removed "as part of a broader rewrite of the site," and acknowledged the claim was inaccurate.

A similar claim was also removed from the website for All For Minneapolis, the group that supported Frey's efforts to oppose attempts to replace MPD with a Department of Public Safety.

Hearing to be held in Minneapolis on no-knock warrants

Speaking of no-knock warrants, on Monday the Minneapolis City Council's Policy & Government Oversight Committee will hold a hearing discussing "police procedures and no-knock warrants."

Committee chair councilor Jeremiah Ellison has invited Frey to contribute to the hearing, which will also hear from Rachel Moran, associate professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, and the attorneys for Amir Locke: Ben Crump, Jeff Storms and Antonio Romanucci.

Minneapolis police officers under scrutiny

It's not just Huffman and Frey who are finding themselves in the spotlight, but also some of the rank-and-file officers within MPD.

The Minnesota Reformer reported on Friday that two of the officers who were part of the SWAT teams that raided the apartment building where Locke was killed by officer Mark Hanneman have also been involved in another high-profile case in Minneapolis.

That would be the case of Jaleel Stallings, the man who was charged with the attempted murder of police officers during the May 2020 George Floyd civil unrest, only to be acquitted when it emerged Minneapolis police had been firing marking rounds at protesters from an unmarked van, with Stallings returning fire as he assumed they were white supremacists who authorities had warned were in the area.

The Reformer reports Kristopher Dauble and Nathan Sundberg were on the two SWAT teams who were at the Bolero Flats in downtown Minneapolis last Wednesday.

Another officer the subject of headlines this weekend is David Garman, who the Star Tribune reports had previously been fired over the seizure of cellphones during a raid, but was later reinstated and has now been appointed by Huffman to be in charge of all training for MPD.

The newspaper notes Garman "is among several officers with blemished records who were recently elevated to leadership positions" by Huffman, not all of which were announced publicly.

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