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It's been more than 60 hours since 22-year-old Amir Locke was shot and killed by Minneapolis police in a downtown apartment unit. 

While the city and police department have provided some information about the Wednesday morning shooting, many details remain opaque. Here's a look at what we do and don't know heading into the weekend.

Why were police there?

MPD SWAT teams were sent to the Bolero Flats apartment building in connection with a St. Paul Police Department homicide investigation. Both police departments have confirmed this.

The St. Paul Police Department said Friday it had asked MPD to carry out three search warrants at the Bolero Flats building, and that all the warrants were signed by a Hennepin County judge. 

Who (or what) were police searching for?

That remains unclear. It's not been made public yet what or whom police were searching for at the apartment Locke was in. The 22-year-old's family members and their attorney have said Locke was not the subject of the search warrant.

It's been reported that evidence in the St. Paul homicide case was removed from the property following the shooting, but St. Paul PD can't comment on it as the investigation is ongoing.

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Did the SWAT team announce itself before entering?

Based on bodycam footage, no. The SWAT team can be seen opening the apartment door with a key, but not announcing its presence prior to doing so, in fact the lead officer turns the door handle slowly and quietly.

Sources told Bring Me The News the St. Paul Police Department requested a standard warrant, but the Minneapolis Police Department insisted a no-knock warrant be issued. Interim MPD Chief Amelia Huffman on Thursday night said both types of warrants were obtained, so officers could make that decision on the ground.

It's unclear why MPD wanted the option of a no-knock warrant. The department has not responded to requests for comment.

Did the SWAT team announce itself inside the apartment?

Yes. In the bodycam footage, multiple officers can be heard shouting, "Police search warrant."

What was Locke doing when police entered?

He was wrapped in a blanket and appeared to have been sleeping on the couch, the bodycam footage shows. 

Did Locke have a gun?

Yes. It is visible in the bodycam footage. His family have said he had a permit to carry, and had no criminal record.

Locke's father said Friday his son was a DoorDash driver and got a gun to protect himself.

Did Locke point the gun at police?

The Minneapolis Police Department said in its initial news release that Locke pointed it "in the direction of officers." In the bodycam footage, it does not appear the gun is ever pointed at officers, but rather is pointed down towards the floor. Locke also does not appear to have his finger on the trigger.

What did SWAT officers say to Locke prior to shooting?

SWAT team members can be heard saying, “Hands, hands, hands!” and “Get on the ground! Get on the f****** ground," seconds after entering the apartment. One officer also kicks the couch. 

Locke is seen moving beneath his blanket, in the dark and on the couch, when an officer fires three shots. There is no verbal warning he has a gun, nor do officers tell him to drop a weapon.

How long were officers in the apartment before Locke was shot?

Less than 10 seconds.

How many times was Locke hit?

Minneapolis police said he was hit three times: Twice in the chest and once in the wrist. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled he did of multiple gunshot wounds.

Who fired the shots?

MPD says Officer Mark Hanneman, a seven-year veteran of the force, shot Locke. Hanneman had temporarily been assigned to the SWAT team on Sunday. He had been subject of three disciplinary complaints since he started, all of which were closed with no further action taken, according to the city.

What happened next?

Bodycam footage of the immediate aftermath has not been made public. At 6:48 a.m., police tell dispatch that one person had been shot on the 7th floor. Then, 3 minutes and 44 seconds later, they report that CPR has been started. Less than 90 seconds later, officers say they are carrying Locke to the main floor.

Locke was pronounced dead at 7:01 a.m. — 13 minutes after the SWAT team entered the apartment — at Hennepin Healthcare emergency room.

Was anyone else in the apartment?

The Minneapolis Police Department's public information report lists two other "involved" individuals whose address is listed as the Bolero Flats building — a 22-year-old and a 23-year-old. One more individual is listed under "other," without an age or address.

Locke is listed as "deceased" and does not have an associated address.

Who is investigating the shooting?

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is handling the investigation, as is usually the case in police shootings.

Does MPD believe the use of force was justified? 

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday evening, Huffman argued that there was a moment where Hanneman "had to make a split-second decision, to assess the circumstances and to determine whether he felt like there was an articulable threat, that the threat was of imminent harm – great bodily harm or death – and that he needed to take action right then to protect himself and his partners."

"Ultimately, that decision, whether that threshold was met will be examined by the county attorney's office that reviews this case," she added.

Huffman was not asked however if embarking on a high-risk, no-knock raid in the manner the officers did was justified.

Will the officer be charged?

It's too early to know. The Hennepin County Attorney's Office and Minnesota Attorney General's Office will review the case for possible charges

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Didn't Minneapolis ban no-knock warrants?

Mayor Jacob Frey announced in November of 2020 significant restrictions to the use of no-knock warrants. It was not an all-out ban, despite claims to the contrary during last year's mayoral election campaigns, and police in 2021 asked to use no-knock warrants dozens of times, MinnPost reported

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