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Amy Klobuchar now polling in double digits in Iowa

The senator is gaining some ground in a crowded field.
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Though one Democrat after another has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has hung on against tough odds — and that midwestern tenacity may finally be paying off. 

The senator is now polling at 10 percent in Iowa, according to the latest numbers from Emerson Polling.

That's a big deal, considering the Iowa Caucuses — the first contest in the 2020 presidential primary — are right around the corner (February 3, to be specific).

The same poll shows frontrunner and former vice president Joe Biden in a narrow lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders, 23 to 22 percent. 

Though the poll also puts Klobuchar in fifth place, the small surge marks an encouraging jump for the senator, who's been consistently in the single digits since she tossed her hat in the race.

And while she continues in the single digits nationally, her showing in Iowa is crucial, as the state's caucuses can have a huge influence on who ends up the nominee (or the nominee's running mate). 

The poll, the Klobuchar campaign says, "follows weeks of national and in-state reporting that Senator Klobuchar has been building momentum in Iowa."

It also "tracks with other public polling in Iowa," including the Des Moines Register/CNN poll, the campaign adds.

Incidentally, it follows a Quinnipiac national poll showing every prospective Democratic nominee — Klobuchar included — beating President Donald Trump: 

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