Amy Klobuchar only finished 2nd in DFL State Fair straw poll

The Minnesota senator was not the first choice among fair-goers.
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Despite being Minnesota's senior U.S. senator, Amy Klobuchar didn't top the Democratic presidential primary straw poll run at the State Fair by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

The DFL announced on Tuesday the results of its Democratic presidential "Bean Ballot" straw poll, to which 15,000 visitors to its State Fair booth contributed over the 12-day fair.

And despite it being her home state, Sen. Klobuchar only finished second in the poll, with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren the runaway winner with 38 percent of the vote.

Here's how the poll went:

  1. Elizabeth Warren – 38%
  2. Amy Klobuchar – 16%
  3. Pete Buttigieg – 14%
  4. Bernie Sanders – 10%
  5. Kamala Harris – 5%
  6. Joe Biden – 5%

Now, the straw poll is obviously unscientific and shouldn't be taken as significant commentary on the upcoming Democratic presidential primary.

Nonetheless, it shows that at least among fair-goers, Warren's progressive agenda has struck a chord with Minnesotan Democrats, who prefer her over similarly progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders.

Former vice-president Joe Biden, who is supposedly leading the scientific polls, was only able to muster 5 percent of the State Fair vote.

Maybe Klobuchar's second place would have been first had she been able to commit to the Minnesota State Fair being the best in the country, something she has now failed to do on two occasions.

DFL chairman Ken Martin said the DFL booth had "record numbers" during the State Fair, during which he says the party signed up "thousands of volunteers" and "registered hundreds of voters."

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