Amy Klobuchar quips about salad, Kavanaugh in Washington speech

The Minnesota senator was speaking at the Gridiron Club Dinner in D.C.
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Amy Klobuchar made a joke about the swiftly-becoming-infamous story about her eating a salad with a comb over the weekend.

The Minnesota senator was giving a speech before journalists, politicians and other Washington leaders at the 134th Gridiron Club Dinner.

"How did everyone like the salad?" she asked, per Politico. "I thought it was OK, but it needed just a little more scalp oil and a pinch of dandruff."

The joke was in reference to a New York Times story in which Klobuchar once allegedly reprimanded a staffer for failing to get her a fork to eat a salad before they boarded a flight.

Instead, Klobuchar improvised by eating the salad using a comb.

It was one of several quips Klobuchar made during her speech, including a reference to her tense confrontation with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"I will win this election because I’m a woman and all the powerful people in the room told me it’s a sure thing. What could possibly go wrong?

"All I know is, if the election ends up before the Supreme Court, I’m gonna count Brett Kavanaugh as a no."

She also made a joke referencing stories alleging her mistreatment of staff over the years.

"So when Jerry [Seib] called about tonight he asked, 'Do you need a microphone or do you just prefer to yell at everyone?' I said, 'microphone.'"

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Since announcing her run for the Democratic presidential nomination, Klobuchar has been the subject of stories in Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and the New York Times about how she has treated her former employees.

That said, dozens have also come out saying they had positive experiences working with the senator.

On Saturday, she issued a statement to the Star Tribune in which she promised to "do better" with her staff.

"I’m incredibly proud of the work our staff has done and I would not be here without amazing staff," she said. "I know I can be tough, I know I can push people too hard, and I also know I can do better – and I will."

CNN commentator Joe Lockhart wrote this piece over the weekend that said Klobuchar's performance at the Gridiron Club event could go some way to calming the furore over the staff stories.

"In the room of ultimate political insiders, Klobuchar's jokes landed well and some of the rougher edges of her reputation were smoothed over," he wrote.

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