Apple's next iOS update will let you FaceTime with 32 people

Well that's...interesting.
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The next series of updates to Apple's operating system will allow phone, tablet and laptop users to FaceTime with 31 other people.

It's one of a series of changes coming soon to iOS 12, creating the capabilities for mega video calls among friends, families and co-workers on their respective devices.

Now we don't know about you, but this is how we expect it would go:

Speaker 1: So let's g...

Speaker 2: Before we st...

Speaker 3: Excu...

Speaker 4: But wha...

(8 minutes later)

Speaker 32: Sorry I'm la...


It's at this point we should also remind you that this is Minnesota ... can you imagine how long that Minnesota Goodbye would be?

You can expect the latest iOS update with video conference capabilities to land this fall. As well as video, it'll also allow you to send stickers and Animoji while you're on the call.

It'll also be available for Apple Watch, but as audio only.

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Speaking of the Apple Watch, Apple on Monday announced the creation of a "Walkie Talkie" app that allows you to talk to other Watch owners when connected to either WiFi or data.

So if you ever wanted to fulfill any childhood James Bond-style fantasies of talking into your watch while on a secret mission, now's your chance.

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