Argument over county election leads to woman assaulting 2 cops

The disturbance unfolded in Moorhead on Friday evening.
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Bad blood over upcoming county elections led to actual blood at a Moorhead bar on Friday night, when a woman assaulted 2 police officers as they tried to remove her from a bar.

The assault happened at the Northsider Bar on 17th Street North at 6:45 p.m., after police were called to a report of a woman inside the bar "yelling profanities and refusing to leave."

When they got there, the 54-year-old woman was yelling at staff and refused officers' orders to leave the bar. They eventually placed her under arrest and as they tried to handcuff her, she began to scratch and gouge at both of them.

The injuries inflicted on the officers were significant to draw blood, and she's now facing two charges of 4th degree assault and one each of disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

Authorities weren't even able to get a booking photo of the woman at the Clay County Jail, as she has been "uncooperative with their booking procedures," Moorhead police said.

But there's more to this story that meets the eye, because the original target of the woman's ire was a Moorhead City Council member, Mari Dailey.

The Fargo Forum has more details, but essentially Dailey is running for the District 4 seat on the Clay County Commission against two candidates, one of them the 54-year-old's on-and-off boyfriend, the incumbent Kevin Campbell.

Dailey told the newspaper that she and the woman had problems prior to her decision to run against Campbell, and the woman had warned her it was "going to get ugly" after announcing.

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On Thursday, Campbell on Facebook said there had been recent allegations that "my campaign has been sending negative comments about one of my opponents."

Although he doesn't reveal who was the apparent target, Campbell said: "Let me be clear, I am running on my record of accomplishments and what I would like to continue to do.

"I DO NOT condone negative campaigning and certainly do not support making someone’s personal life a campaign issue."

Speaking to the Forum on Friday night, Campbell said he was "totally shocked" by what happened at the Northsider, saying that his girlfriend "needs some help" and that their relationship has been jeopardized "irregardless of my campaign."

Oh, and the Northsider Bar and bowling alley? That's owned by Robert Swenson, the woman's ex-husband who was also a target for her abuse on Friday evening.

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