As children hit by SUV fight for their lives, community rallies to help stricken family

Kayden and Lillianna Peltier were hit by an SUV driver fleeing police.
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The family left in turmoil after an SUV driver fleeing police struck two young children on Monday are the subject of a fundraising campaign.

Kayden Peltier, 2, and his sister Lilliana, 4, are still in a life-threatening condition after being run over as they played in a park with their father and their siblings on Monday.

The driver, Kabaar Powell of Richfield, is in court on Thursday to answer charges relating to the incident, which inflicted severe injuries on the youngsters.

In the wake of the collision, a fundraising campaign has been created on GoFundMe, that in the space of two days has raised more than $2,400.

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It reveals that the two children are among seven siblings being raised by parents Kyle and Nicolle Peltier.

Kyle, identified as veteran of the Armed Forces, was looking after the kids at Bohanon Park while Nicolle was taking a test when the crash happened.

"I don't know the Peltiers but, as a parent, I know the heartbreak that floods you when your child gets even a minor cut or bruise," said Wayzata's Tory Schalkle, who started the fundraiser.

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"I know the helplessness that grips you as you watch them sick or in a hospital," she added. "Yet I can't even fathom the magnitude of that pain for the Peltiers as their innocent children, in the middle of playing as a family, were ran over and now hang on for dear life."

The fundraiser has been set up to help the family with their hospital bills, as well as the "mental toll of a criminal case against the assailant" and any future implications of the injuries.

"Raising a family of 7 is not easy. Medical bills are not cheap (they're the #1 cause of bankruptcy)," Schalkle continues. "It seems to me that the simplest and most tangible thing we can do to help this family is to cover as much of their little ones' medical bills as we can."

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