Amy Klobuchar invokes Merrick Garland and asks: 'Where's the bravery in this room?'

The Minnesota senator played a prominent role at the Kavanaugh hearing on Friday.
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The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted 11-10 along party lines to send Brett Kavanaugh through to the Senate floor for a formal vote.

BUT, Republican Sen Jeff Flake has said he will vote "no" on the Senate floor unless the FBI is asked to investigate the assault accusation against the nominee over the next week.

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Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar was a prominent actor in Thursday's Brett Kavanaugh hearing, and was so again on Friday as Republican senators moved towards a vote.

America is watching as the Senate Judiciary Committee discusses Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, after hearing from the woman accusing him of attempted sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

And after a tense exchange with Kavanaugh on Thursday, after which the nominee apologized, Klobuchar called out her Republican colleagues for trying to rush through a vote, saying she wants an FBI investigation into Dr. Ford's allegations against Kavanaugh.

She rubbished the notion that Dr. Ford's actions were those of a partisan activist, noting that she made efforts to bring up her experience with Kavanaugh well before Thursday's hearing.

The video below continues where the one above leaves off, with Klobuchar saying that when an accusation like that made by Dr. Ford happens, "you don't just push it under the rug."

"We have someone who made a credible claim. The chairman [Sen. Chuck Grassley' even thanked her for her bravery. Well where is the bravery in this room?

"This rush. When in fact, we could have a finite period of time when we could interview a finite period [sic] of witnesses."

She earlier accused the GOP senators of hypocrisy for accusing the Democrats of playing politics, saying what they're asking for pales in comparison to what the Republicans did to former President Barack Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland.

"When I heard this sanctimonious talk, about some sort of a political strategy, well I'll give you exhibit A: Merrick Garland, who was delayed for nearly 10 months.

"You talk about a nominee getting off the floor, when all we're asking for is one week for an investigation, and you kept Merrick Garland away from this committee for 10 months? That's not even a comparison.'

Not every Minnesota politician agrees with Klobuchar though. Republican 2nd District Rep. Jason Lewis said that the glue of society will "dissolve" if Democrats regain control of Congress.

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