At Woodbury gym, man offered teen boy money for sex, poop in a cup

He's now been charged with soliciting prostitution.
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A 62-year-old man offered a teenage boy money in exchange for sexual touching, and also made a bizarre request for him to "poop in a cup."

The incident was reported at a gym in Woodbury on May 19, when the 17-year-old boy told police he was solicited for sex in exchange for cash.

The victim was on a bicep curl machine when he was approached by an older man later identified as Scott Klohn, of Hayward, Wisconsin.

Wearing all black and sporting a mustache, Klohn asked the teenager if he would "poop in a cup" for $20, saying: "We could go to the bathroom and get a sample."

The shocked teen got his phone out and recorded a part of the conversation, before telling the man he'd pass on the offer and walked away.

About 10 minutes later, the teen was in the men's locker room looking in a mirror, when he noticed the same man staring at him from the locker area.

He was wearing only a towel, which he subsequently took off, flashing at the victim while still staring at him.

Klohn then walked around the victim and continued to stare at him, prompting the teenager to flee to the family locker room, according to the criminal complaint.

But Klohn followed him, once again approaching him in the family locker room, asking him how old he was.

When he said 17, "the suspect said he thought he was more like 18 or 19 years old," the complaint states.

Klohn then allegedly put his hand out with several bills of cash in it with a $20 on top, asking the boy: "Can I touch you for money?"

The teen said no and left the gym immediately.

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He reported the incident to police and gave them the video he took. Police described the victim to the fitness center's manager, who found Klohn – a member – on the computer system.

"The victim selected Klohn as the suspect with 100% certainty in a double blind photo line-up," the complaint says.

He has been charged with solicitation prostitution from a 16 or 17 year old.

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