Attorney: Woman was drunk, watching 12 kids in illegal daycare in Cottage Grove

Washington County officials have filed a lawsuit to ban the woman from providing daycare.
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An unlicensed daycare provider is being sued by Washington County Community Services and the Minnesota Department of Human Services. 

The lawsuit, the first of its kind according to Washington County Attorney Pete Orput, alleges that a Cottage Grove woman was providing unlicensed daycare in her home. 

And when police executed a search warrant on Feb. 25 they found 12 small children in her care, including three children still strapped in car seats with blankets covering them. 

In all, there were at least 17 violations that the provider could've been cited for if she had a license. The woman told investigators that she'd been operating the business illegally for about five years. 

Additionally, Cottage Grove police observed a smell of alcohol coming from the woman, leading to a preliminary breath test that revealed a 0.12 blood-alcohol content (BAC). 

Parents of children under her watch were contacted immediately and their children were removed from the home. 

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The woman being sued could face criminal charges, but until then, Bring Me The News does not typically name suspects. In the meantime, Orput and the county attorney's office are seeking a court order that will keep the woman from providing care to any children other than her own. 

“There are hundreds of competent, caring licensed childcare providers,” said Orput in a release. “It is abhorrent there are those who choose to ignore the laws intended to protect our children. I encourage parents and grandparents to use public resources to determine if your childcare provider is properly licensed.”

The woman is due in court Friday, May 10, where officials from the attorney's office will seek to make the temporary ban permanent. 

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