Authorities release more details of teen's fatal shooting by police

The officers that shot and killed Archer Amorosi were identified.
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The officers involved in the shooting death of a 16-year-old in Chanhassen on Friday, July 13 have been identified by the Minnesot Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). 

Corporal Jacob Hodge and Deputy Travis Larson, both with the Carver County Sheriff's Office, fired their guns on Archer Amorosi at 6451 Oriole Lane in Chanhassen. Amorosi died of multiple gunshot wounds, the Medical Examiner's Office determined. 

In addition to the identity of the officers involved, the BCA released additional information about what led to authorities using deadly force. 

Deputies responded to a 911 call from Amorosi's mother, who reported that her son was suicidal and threatening her with knives and a baseball bat. 

The BCA says Amorosi refused repeated orders from deputies to leave the house, and that attempts to Taser and pepper spray him through a window were ineffective. At one point, Amorosi ran out of the house with what deputies believed to be a hatchet and "what appeared to be a handgun," the BCA notes. 

That prompted more warnings from deputies and another unsuccessful attempt to Taser Amorosi, which led to Hodge and Larson opening fire, killing him. 

The BCA recovered a hatchet and "handgun-style BB-gun" near Amorosi's body. 

Corporal Hodge has been with the sheriff's office for 18 years and Deputy Larson for 11 years. Both have been placed on standard administrative leave. 

More information will be made available when the BCA's investigation is complete. 

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