Barred from wearing uniform at Trump rally, Minneapolis police union starts selling 'Cops for Trump' shirts

The proceeds from the shirt go to union-supported charities.

After a new department policy prevents Minneapolis police officers from being in uniform at political events, the city's police union has come up with a new way for its members to show their support for President Donald Trump at Thursday's rally at Target Center.

The Police Federation of Minneapolis leader Lt. Bob Kroll revealed over the weekend that the union is now selling "Cops for Trump" t-shirts that officers can purchase for $20 and wear at the rally without contravening department guidelines.

Chief Medaria Arradondo announced last month that city officers are no longer permitted to appear in political campaign events or advertisements wearing MPD uniforms, a policy he said had been in the works for a year and is in place irrespective of the party involved.

But Kroll said the timing of the announcement was suspicious, given it came just a day after Trump's Target Center rally was announced, and claims this was deliberately targeting city officers who support the president.

The t-shirts now being sold by the union, however, don't violate the new policy, a Minneapolis PD spokesman told BMTN.

"The policy applies only to use of the MPD uniform," a statement from the office of Mayor Jacob Frey added. "The police federation has a constitutional right to support political candidates, even ones who push policies and rhetoric counter to the values we hold."

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They are being sold at the union's building at 1811 University Ave. NE., and will soon be made for sale on the Federation's Facebook page and website. All proceeds will go towards federation-supported charities.

Speaking to WCCO, Kroll said the union plans to be at Trump's rally "in full force," and they'll be "letting people know that off-duty officers do have support for our president."

Trump's rally at Target Center starts at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 4 p.m.

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