Because of coronavirus, no memorial service for Minnesota woman fatally struck by bus driver

The school bus driver has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide.
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Because of the coronavirus, there will be no memorial service for a 45-year-old woman who was fatally struck by a school bus in Brooklyn Park on Monday. 

Devon L. Doherty died at the scene, in the area of Humboldt Ave. N and Meadowood Drive after being struck by a bus around 6:50 a.m., with the driver of the striking school bus fleeing the scene despite another person pleading for him to call 911. 

A criminal complaint charging Rynders with criminal vehicular homicide says the witness who begged Rynders to call for help did so after feeling his car "hit something in the road." He had run over Doherty, who was lying on the street having been struck by the bus moments earlier. 

The witness told police that Rynders stopped the bus and was standing outside for about five seconds when he asked Rynders to call 911. At that point, Rynders is accused of getting back into the bus and leaving the scene. 

Preliminary crash reconstruction results reveal that Doherty was hit by the front of the school bus and then again by the front axle or rear tires, possibly both, the charging document explains. 

Video surveillance from a nearby home showed the Rynders turning the bus westbound on Meadowood Drive to Humboldt Ave. N, with the collision and sound of a voice heard in the video. Rynders then stops the bus, gets out and runs toward the area of the collision. Video also reveals the driver of the second vehicle yelling to call 911 repeatedly. 

An SD card from the bus was reviewed and multiple camera angles show there were 4-5 children on the bus at the time of the collision. It also shows that only 1 minute and 1 second passed between the time "the bus appears to shudder or hit something" and when Rynders gets back on the bus and drives away. 

He dropped the kids off at school at approximately 7:25 a.m., later admitting in an interview with police that he heard a noise and exited the bus but said he didn't think he hit anyone. 

Rynders is a driver and trainer for NorthStar Bus Company. 

Doherty's obituary says there "will be no memorial service due to the Coronavirus."

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